Jane Julier
viol maker
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Jane Julier has more than 25 years of experience in viol
making. Her career continues to flourish and her viols are in
great demand with many professional players,
commissioning and owning viols made by her.

Jane Julier initially went to Art school to train as a silversmith.
The music department at the school owned a Viola da
Gamba. Fascinated by it’s  beauty and sound, she learned to
play the viol and by the time she graduated, she knew that
she wanted to pursue viol making as a career.

Combining her skills as an artist and musician, she quickly
developed her own unique style in the sonority and aesthetic
quality of her viols. Her instruments are based on careful
observation of original instruments. Her English viols, which
are made with bent tops, follows with respect and high regard
of the English tradition of viol making in the 17th century.

Jane Julier’s workshop is at her farmhouse in the beautiful
Blackdown Hills of Devon.

During Jane’s career as a viol maker she turned to the
Alexander Technique to help her with postural problems that
had developed over the years as a result of working at the
bench. She became fascinated  with the benefits of the
Alexander Technique and she decided to deepen her
knowledge and train as an Alexander Technique teacher and
she qualified in 2010.

She has found that the Alexander Technique has really
added a new dimension to the creativity of her instrument
making as well as helping her overcome the physical
challenges of the focused work, that viol making demands.
(for more information see janejulieralexandertechnique.co.uk)